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Playperks is not only a source for multimedia conent. Our team is devoted to bringing you high quality leisure time. We offer bestsellers in books, films along with real hits in music and games. Choose what you need and enjoy your faves in the highest quality on your screens.

Our members have unlimited access to:

  • Thrilling gaming experience on any of your devices.
  • Licensed music in MP3 format from many of todays' hot artists and world stars.
  • Books of all genres in ePub format for your leisure, hobby and work.

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To reach our customer service center by phone or by email, please call (toll-free) 1-877-249-6342 or 1-646-213-7670, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or send us a message.

Playperks is the location for numerous movies, games, music and e-books, that you can access anytime you desire with your Playperks membership to our multimedia website. All Playperks content offered is licensed for distribution and use and is legal. Read more about these aspects of the site on our Terms & Conditions.